From mind to mat.

Nice to meet you..

I am Julie, a NIP registered Psychologist and Hatha Yoga teacher based in Amsterdam.

If you're going through a difficult time in your life or struggle to make the changes you need or want, than maybe I can help.
Work with me

I work with individuals seeking a psychologist with a personal approach for the following psychological or emotional difficulties:

Stress & Burnout


Depression & Fatigue

Sleeping problems

Chronic Pain


Mood regulation

Expressing Wishes & Boundaries

Finding meaning in life

I provide my sessions in Dutch and English.

Educational Background

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive & Neuroscience Psychology at Maastricht University and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Psychology at Tilburg University.

Once graduated, I started working as a psychologist while spending my time in between jobs travelling and studying spiritual practices from different cultures.

I spent time in an Ashram, a Buddhist Monastery, taught yoga all over the world and enriched my knowledge about health and healing from a more holistic, spiritual approach.

I have been updating my qualifications as a psychologist on a regular basis (for more information, see Approaches).

And starting 2021, I am participating in an extended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course at Vlokhoven Institute.


As a psychologist, I gained over 1,500 hours of experience in client work.

I have been working with individuals of international backgrounds between the

ages of 18 and 65,. in several different clinical settings related to addiction,

psychosomatic disorders, burnout and stress-related problems, interpersonal

issues and finding meaning in life.

I’m currently working as a psychosomatic psychologist in a Rehabilitation Centre

focused on burnout and chronic pain treatment.

Upcoming Events

The full day retreat will be the perfect escapism from city life.
We will slow down, tune in and connect.
You can expect two yoga practices, moving and yin, journaling and an intention workshop and vegan treats.
Next one: 25th of April
Time: 10:00 – 17:00

We will come together every last Sunday of the month to connect, slow down and set new intentions for the month ahead.

For whom?

If you want to find calm and learn tools to integrate into your daily life.
If you want to connect with like-minded people.
If you are really busy and stressed and need to find balance.
If you need to find a little oasis without leaving the city.


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