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Event Location | Conscious Invitations: Laagte Kadijk 148 1018 ZD Amsterdam
One Day Retreat | Chill The F*ck Out Sunday
Date | 25-04-2021/ Every Last Sunday Of The Month
Time | 10.00 – 16.00

The full day retreat will be the perfect escapism from city life. We will slow down, tune in and connect. You can expect two yoga practices, moving and yin, journaling and an intention workshop and vegan treats.

We will come together every last Sunday of the month to connect, slow down and set new intentions for the month ahead. 

For whom?


  • If you want to find calm and learn tools to integrate into your daily life. 
  • If you want to connect with like-minded people.
  • If you feel really busy and stressed and need to find balance. 
  • If you’re looking for a little oasis without leaving the city.

About the Teachers

Lydia Sullivan @flowithlydia

Lydia has been practicing yoga since her late teens and now loves to share her favourite form of nourishment in her Yin and Flow classes. Lydia’s teaching focuses on intuitive movement that helps students to land in their bodies and find balance. Lydia has trained in massage therapy and is currently a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will be sprinkling her teachings with her new knowledge. She also loves drinking coffee and eating dark chocolate and as soon as the weather warms up you’re likely to see her paddle boarding down the canals. 

Useful information:

Wear comfortable clothing, and it might be nice to have a jumper and socks for the end of the practice, and prepare props – a bolster or pillows and 2 blocks or books and a journal and pen. All you really need is yourself and an open mind. 

Julie de Rooij

Yoga Facilitator, Psychologist

Julie is a free spirit, born optimist and empath. She holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Psychology and Hatha yoga teacher. She guides students in her yoga classes and you can book her for psychological sessions. For her Psychology and Yoga have the same aim: to unite and joke together all the parts we carry inside and outside of us “ the ones we like and dislike”, “ the yeses, the noes and the in betweens”. 

In her yoga classes we will practice observing these parts, by becoming aware of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers and activity. When we do this, we come into stillness and a meditative state. From there, we give ourselves space to acknowledge what is.